Absence of mobile device usage policies raises BYOD security concerns
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Absence of mobile device usage policies raises BYOD security concerns

By , Product Manager, Ericom Software

Absence of mobile device usage policies raises BYOD security concerns

When it comes to BYOD solutions in the workplace, most businesses have warranted security concerns. However, almost half of the survey respondents in a recent study by Coalfire, an IT risk and compliance services company, stated that their company's IT department have never discussed mobile security with them.

In today's growing world of mobility and business technology, keeping up with security is vital to protecting operations and remaining productive. According to Coalfire, 84 percent of professionals use their mobile devices for work and personal purposes. However, 47 percent do not password protect those devices, while 36 percent utilize the same password for their device as they do for email and other accounts.

Ultimately, it is up to the organization to implement best practices and policies that mitigate breaches in business data access and security. For example, a business should ensure that its employees know best practices when it comes to passwords and keeping their devices safe.

Rather than avoid BYOD strategies altogether, a business can take other steps to improve overall data safety when its employees use their personal devices for work. One highly effective method is to implement an SSL VPN for secure remote access to hosted applications and desktops via mobile devices, rather than allowing users to store sensitive data on their phones.

Utilizing a mobile RDP client over an SSL VPN or secure gateway, while hosting desktops and applications on organizational servers allows a company to ensure that its data and systems are protected. Such practices, by keeping all critical information on-site, remove the risk of data being lost or otherwise compromised if an employee loses their device. With remote access, professionals will still be able to maintain the productivity and efficiency advantages that BYOD provides.

According to Workforce, there are other factors that weigh into the decision to support BYOD in the workplace as well. From what types of devices are allowed to banning "jailbroken" or "rooted" phones, a business needs to establish an effective mobile security plan, educate its employees on it and enforce it in order to ensure maximum protection and profitability from BYOD solutions.

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