3 ways BYOD may evolve the workplace
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3 ways BYOD may evolve the workplace

By , Product Manager, Ericom Software

3 ways BYOD may evolve the workplace

With advances in remote access technologies and the spread of BYOD and enterprise mobility, work doesn't have to be done in the office setting anymore. More businesses are allowing employees to work from home, coffee shops and while on vacation, with iPhones, Android tablets and laptops permitting access to their jobs from virtually anywhere.

According to the Deccan Herald, this creates opportunities for "workshifting," or the migration of work to the time and place most convenient for the employee. This opens new doors for efficiency, productivity and overall quality among workers and is being driven by bring-your-own-device strategies and virtualization. For any business in any location, implementing a BYOD solution can enhance the work environment in new and interesting ways.

Competitive edge
In addition to providing workflow benefits, BYOD can also give companies a competitive edge against other firms. Utilizing mobile devices can allow for greater collaboration among employees regardless of location, potentially giving the company a wider talent pool to draw from. Enhancing the business' competitiveness will allow it to increase employee retention and do more innovative work. This will enable the company to change in new ways and offer more interesting services and products to its customers in the long run, and improve the work dynamic on the short term.

Maximize agility
According to the news source, implementing BYOD can maximize the agility of a business and allow it to be more flexible in everyday operations. This flexibility will translate primarily into benefits for employees, helping them better balance their professional and personal lives and enhancing individual productivity. These advantages lead to increased work satisfaction, which will ultimately translate into higher profits.

Increase security
While some misinformed professionals believe BYOD is a security risk, when properly implemented it can actually enhance security. Ultimately, employees are going to use personal devices for work purposes, whether it's simply checking their email or performing more complex tasks. By implementing BYOD properly, the company can mitigate risks associated with these actions. With options like RDP access, a business can host all of its data and applications on its own servers, limiting access and ensuring that should an employee lose his or her smartphone or have it stolen, company property isn't lost as well.
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